I am a 22 year old Graduate of UMass Amherst. I have an amazing girlfriend and I am obsessed with music, video games, horror movies, animated tv shows, and Boston Bruins Hockey

Just finished episode 3 of walking dead season 2

Everything was fine then it all just got so fucked so fast. I really hope they keep the game going. It just keeps getting better and better




SO you guys are telling me


In america, these things are …. a thing? like you have a place where kids go to see this???? giant robots that look like satan pissed them out??? and you eat there and kids play around these things???? and its a thing an actual thing it happens its normal….

wtf is wrong with you

save us

Chucky Cheese is scary man. This place scared me as a child…

is this five nights at freddys 2?


The CIA found Dave’s cloning lab and filmed the whole thing.

i love you joshuaaaa


Diablo 3 ultimate evil can use your original diablo 3 saves. Thank god.




Coming from someone who has social anxiety i realized that when you are in a large crowd of people for a concert, its easy to forget about your insecurities and just do whatever the fuck you want. No one cares or is even paying attention to you so you can break out of your shell and stop caring for that short time. Which might not seem like much but it feels amazing.


Seether - Words As Weapons

I guess Squarenix doesn’t want me to see the ending to KH 3D



Luxury Bookcase Chair

Keep your books close so that you never have to leave your chair again. Also ideal for holding DVD’s and video games. Features a secret compartment to hide more mature movies and magazines. Sold on Etsy.


Oh my god need

Then I looked at the price. Yeah right